A World of Comfort, Health & Wellness

Eden Wellness & Lifestyle Center – your wellness sanctuary – invites you to experience a life-enriching balance with lush nature and to be with yourself. A pristine environment with a backdrop of scenic and gently undulating slopes of the Himalayas present the ideal setting to achieve optimal health.

We believe that nature is indeed the best healer. Here, wellness and lifestyle form two integral parts of a complete whole in the midst of the infinite benefits and blessings of mother nature. To that end, we bring a confluence of streams of medical knowledge that provide holistic
customized health care through authentic ancient healing techniques alongside modern medicine, making it a unique combine.

We offer a layered approach to wellness. You can do as much or as little as you like. Simply relax or reconnect, or completely refresh – the choice is yours.

We adopt an advanced scientific and integrative approach to personalized wellness. Our team of multi-specialty experts will combine applied genomics and state-of-art diagnostics for identification of “Prakriti” (unique pattern of bio-forces as per ayurvedic medicine that corresponds to the Western concept of individual body constitution) and create tailor made integrative therapeutic solutions. Entrust yourself to the healing hands of our renowned medical Yoga Room specialists.

360° Health & Wellness Solution
  • Ayurveda, Naturopathy & Oriental Medicine Therapies offered in treatment rooms with specialized equipment and beautiful views
  • Yoga, Meditation & Spiritual Healing offered in pristine settings with serene views
  • Medical Diagnostics & Genomics
  • Nutrition & Dietary Guidance Center
  • Medical Gym & Physiotherapy
  • Eye, Ear, Dental & Specialty Doctor Visits Periodic Wellness Lectures & Camps
  • Health Butler with a Personal Coach
  • Telemedicine Consult with 24X7 Doctor on Call
  • CCTV surveillance and monitoring
  • Wi-Fi / Skype Connectivity enabled on your Televisions for easier access to pictures and videos of children and grandchildren, increased social interaction with friends and family members spread across the globe
  • Wearable Tags – Integrated Positioning and Communication System (IPCS) for 24X7 monitoring and rapid response emergency assistance in case of accidental falls, etc.
  • Integrated Eden Resident / Family Engagement
    • Vibrant community portal
    • Online billing and payments
    • Online booking for various services
    • Digital Bulletin Board
    • Directory Services
Wellness & Lifestyle For Active Living
  • Roof-top temperature-controlled infinity swimming pool offering mountain views
  • Temperature-controlled Jacuzzi on the top floor with scenic views of Dehradun and nearby places
  • Steam and sauna facilities for rejuvenation
  • Changing rooms with lockers
  • Beauty Salon
  • Pool bar serving relaxing and refreshing drinks
  • Indoor and outdoor dining rooms with mountain views, serving healthy cuisine to please every palate

Complete peace of mind

At Eden, our primary objective is to ensure you a stress-free & healthy life:

  • You get clear freehold title to your apartment
  • Stringent security at the building complex to keep you safe
  • Rental apartments available in the Eden Wellness & Lifestyle Center for your visitors
  • Skype / Other Video Chat facilities in your apartment so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones

A holistically healthy and fit life

  • At Eden, we are deeply committed to keeping you healthy and fit as part of our holistic healing and treatment program
  • Wearable Tags by every resident for 24×7 monitoring and rapid response emergency assistance in case of accidental falls, etc.
  • On-premises wellness & lifestyle center offering medically supervised integrative health treatments tailored to your specific needs using Ayurveda, naturopathy, pain management with acupuncture & acupressure, physiotherapy, spiritual healing, yoga & meditation, etc
  • On-premises 24×7 nursing station, doctor-on-call and infirmary for emergency stabilization; specialist doctor visits for consultation as well as for nutrition and dietary guidance; ambulance service

A stimulating & revitalising lifestyle

Eden’s curated living means that you socialize with like-minded people who share your zest for life, dreams and passions. Here, it is easy to make new friends as well as invite old ones to come for short stays.

Discuss books from the library, share a game of cards, play pool or croquet, or make use of the gym or beauty salon. Or simply enjoy a drink or a sumptuous meal together or have the concierge desk arrange anything that appeals to your imagination.

We provide you with a wholesome routine, you can enjoy long walks, treks, swim, or simply do some gardening.

At EDEN we offer you an indoor and an outdoor gym and physiotherapy facility and specialized doctor visits for nutrition and dietary guidance.