Senior Living at Eden

Why should you choose Eden Senior Living?

Breathe Clean Air
Pristine Surroundings

Eden is nestled among the scenic slopes of the Himalayas in Dehradun, a hill town in north India with perfect weather and clean environment. It is close to many hill stations for a summer escape and also many religious towns should one be religiously inclined.

Be Surrounded by Friends
Like-minded Community

What can be more alluring than be surrounded by friends and having the time to spend with them with not a care in the world? That is what Eden offers, a community of like minded people who are just fun to be with.

Access to Alternative Therapies
Holistic Wellness

Wellness is beyond medical care. It is about using alternative therapies to stay healthy and fit to enjoy life to the fullest. Eden is unique in its offering of a plethora of wellness options like yoga, meditation, spa and a nutrition and dietary guidance centre.

Recreation and fun
World Class Facilities

Imagine having access to a swimming pool, a theater, a library, cards room, music room and lots more when you just step out of your apartment. That is what Eden offers – all the facilities you can think at your doorstep.

Easy Access to Medical Care
24 x 7 Medical Care

While we do everything possible to keep you healthy and fit, quality medical care is essential. Eden provides 24 x 7 on call doctor and access to best medical care at the Max Hospital which is a stone throw away from Eden.

Freedom from Daily Chores
Hassle Free Life

Last but not the least, we understand that when one hangs up their boots they do not want the hassles of running a house. Eden offers on premise housekeeping, dining rooms and no utility bills to pay.


Khasra 39 & 40, Near Vaibhav Farms, Purkul Road, Bhagwantpur, Dehradun 248 009, Uttrakhand, India.

Completion Date

The project is expected to complete by March 2022

Land has been acquired and construction has already started.




Super Area: 981 sq. ft.

Carpet Area: 636 sq. ft.

Balcony: 112 sq. ft.

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Super Area: 1743/1789 sq. ft.

Carpet Area: 1035/1055 sq. ft.

Balcony: 283/306 sq. ft.

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Super Area: 752 sq. ft.

Carpet Area: 503.64 sq. ft.

Balcony: 76.2 sq. ft.

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Construction Linked Payment Plan

  • 10% of Total Cost
    At the time of booking
  • 10% of Total Cost
    Within 60 days of Booking of Apartment

  • 15% of Total Cost
    Within 6 months of booking or on casting of 1st floor roof, whichever is later.
  • 15% of Total Cost
    Within 12 months of booking or on casting of 4th floor roof, whichever is later.
  • 15% of Total Cost + 25% of other charges
    Within 18 months of booking or on casting of 6th floor roof, whichever is later.
  • 15% of Total Cost + 25% of other charges
    Within 22 months of booking or on casting of 8th floor roof whichever is later.
  • 15% of Total Cost + 25% of other charges
    On completion of flooring & finishing
  • 5% of Total Cost+ 25% of other charges
    On offer of possession.

Down Payment Plan - Discount as Applicable

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