As people advance in their years, its important to choose senior citizen housing that fits them the best. It’s a fact that not all seniors need the care that comes with assisted living. Some find solace in independent living communities while others may need that extra attention. Understanding the difference between assisted and independent senior citizen housing can help you find the perfect getaway for your loved one.

An evolving outlook

Ask an active senior citizen about their outlook on life and they would probably say something like “You are as young as you feel!” These days, senior citizen apartments and communities offer a host of services such as an infinity pool, undulating backdrops, spa and fitness centers and much more for individuals who like to enjoy their best years in peace.

Understanding the difference:

Independent living seniors are, as the name highlights, living independently. It is for those active seniors who prefer to stay on their own but enjoy socializing in a community with people their age.  The main attraction for them to sign up for one of these communities is not the healthcare facilities that senior citizen housing has to offer, but instead the community socialization with other senior who share the same interests. Capable of living independently? But still on the lookout for peace of mind, then independent living with EDEN senior citizen housing is the right fit for you!

However, assisted living is altogether different. In these communities, caregivers focus on ensuring that seniors can carry out their daily activities under supervision. These activities can include anything from showering, personal hygiene, medical care and eating alone. If you’re loved one is having trouble carrying out one or more of these daily tasks, then assisted living offers the best help you can get!

Eden Wellness & Lifestyle Center invites you to experience life to the fullest. A pristine environment with a host of facilities offers you an enriching balance of lush nature and exceptional senior citizen apartments, where you can just be yourself. With a layered approach to wellness, you can do as much as you want or as little as you like. Just sit back, relax and reconnect with yourself.