When in the home stretch of their employment years, the one thing that most people look forward to is kicking back, relaxing, and enjoying their retirement years.

Post-retirement years:

After spending almost half their lifetime following a time clock, the retirement years are when most senior citizens look to either relax and live a sedentary life or the other extreme, travel the world and make up for the lost years. In the years gone by, a decision to throw caution to the wind and take a break to relax and recharge oneself was much harder with children usually staying at home. However, the changing tide is seeing people leaving their homes in search of better education, opportunities, and dream careers. This leaves many elderly and senior citizens extremely vulnerable, having to fend for themselves which becomes harder and harder to do as the years roll by.

According to India’s leading industry body, The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the country needs to prepare close to 300 million senior citizens by 2050. With even more families seeing more and more people depart the country, it’s a worrying fact. There is a high possibility that a majority of these will be left alone to fend for themselves and manage their homes and their affairs by themselves. This predicament brings with it fear for their physical safety and the mental health of these retired senior citizens.

The answer for senior citizens: Luxury Retirement Homes in India

Senior citizens have an option now. They no longer have to live alone and worry about running a home, taking care of themselves and many other things. India over the last decade has seen a significant number of leading real estate giants and corporate blue-chips either invest in or in the process of investing in the development of senior living facilities. While the industry is still in a maturation stage, the changing mindset around senior living facilities or old-age homes has undergone a sea change. Modern senior living facilities like Eden located outside the idyllic city of Dehradun are one of the many luxury retirement homes in India that are sprouting outside major cities like Delhi NCR, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Cochin, Dehradun, Kolkata, and many other cities.

On-premises facilities for senior living:

Retirement communities like Eden offer retired people a fresh lease of life with opportunities to interact with several people who have similar mindsets and are in the same stages of life. Enjoying the company of other people helps to improve the social, mental, physical, and emotional mindset of senior citizens.

Living in a luxury retirement home like Eden gives residents the option to live either in an apartment-style or a private villa. It doesn’t matter whether senior citizens choose to live in a villa or an apartment; they get to live in luxury with their apartments completely equipped with everything they would need for a comfortable, convenient, and hassle-free life. Most importantly, senior citizens enjoy all these comforts and luxuries without needing to run their own homes or manage the maintenance of their homes.

Most of the newly retired senior citizens are well travelled, more financially and physically independent and often a lot more aware about the ways of the world than the generations before them. Choosing to slow down and retire after working most of their lives, these senior citizens opt to move to these modern-day luxury retirement homes in India. This decision allows them to live a safe, comfortable, and convenient life without worrying about how they are going to manage their homes from one day to the next.

What does Eden offer?

A visit to Eden will show residents who are extremely happy, safe and enjoying their twilight years with all the comforts of home. As a home for many senior citizens, Eden ensures that their luxury senior living facility is well equipped to handle their residents’ health and medical requirements. Located close to a multi-speciality hospital for its residents, Eden offers 24/7 emergency support, including doctors, nurses, medical support staff and ambulances that are readily available if needed.

Senior living communities like Eden offer their residents the luxury of breathing crisp, clean air while waking up each morning to the beautiful views of the majestic Himalayas. Apart from this, Eden provides a host of amenities like indoor/outdoor dining facilities, a gym, an infinity swimming pool, health club, library, recreation rooms, salon, theatre, a spa, and so much more.

In short, senior living communities like Eden offer their residents all the comforts of their own homes without the need to manage one. Senior citizens have worked tirelessly, ensuring that their children and families had no unfulfilled wants. For many of these senior citizens, their retirement years are when they want to spend time to reconnect with themselves and live a fun retirement life in the company of like-minded people. Unlike the years gone by, instead of senior citizens going through the motions day after day in loneliness, there is no better place than Eden to spend their retirement years in comfort, happiness and a sense of dignity.