Community, Comfort & Care

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Eden curates the idea of sharing your life with people who can understand you and your dreams. The strategically created boulevards, for you to take beautiful long walks, library to share an evening of books and cards with your friends, a swimming pool to lavishly stay fit are set up to enhance your lifestyle after spending major years with liabilities and worries. You could surrender yourself in the sumptuous evenings of fine dining or have a healthy game of pool or croquet with your loved ones. If you have a passion for teaching, Eden allows you to teach or deliver speaking assignments at educational institutions nearby. The more business-minded can connect with the business centre for availability of consulting and corporate assignments.


Eden has been created to let you dive into the most comfortable living experience. It’s is an 8-floor apartment building. In addition to that, it has 2 floors dedicated to wellness and lifestyle centre specially structured by architects with an expertise in creating living spaces for seniors. Our staff has been fully dedicated to your personal needs 24×7.

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Our aim is to deliver you with utmost care and thus well-being. Our holistic healing systems are blended with modern technology with traditional therapies. We have fully equipped facilities for yoga, meditation, gym and fitness. Our traditional remedies and procedures of Ayurveda, naturopathy, oriental treatments, physiotherapy and spiritual healing ensures that you have a life of health and harmony. At Eden you live the life you deserve. Happy, healthy, independent and secure.

Life. As it Should be.