Guide to independent living for seniors

image of senior living community

Age catches up with the best of us. This, in turn, is accompanied with a lot of changes. The most significant ones are those related to family and ‘life’ circumstances. Senior living is definitely challenging. Yet, if planned efficiently, it can be immensely comfortable.

A little insight into the concept of ‘Senior Living’

As we grow older, we might be engulfed by a lot of unfamiliar emotions, like insecurity, loneliness and so on. Moreover, there is also the added responsibility of taking care of our homes. Independent senior living facilities address most of these concerns. Obviously, moving houses can be stressful and chaotic. But the idea here is to find a senior living space that makes life less challenging and helps one to enjoy life, even post retirement. It is independent living at its best.

These active living arrangements are designed exclusively for the seniors, generally aged 55 years and above. These spaces can be apartments or even individual homes, ranging from luxury apartments to the more modest ones. The cost of living is in direct proportion to the comforts provided. They are compact, easily accessible and require no maintenance or additional house work.

The residents can have comfortable lifestyles as these senior living apartments offer various facilities, services and niceties. They also organize recreational activities which add to the fun. So, the residents who opt for luxury facilities can choose from movie nights, art and craft sessions, treks, yoga and so forth. Furthermore, these facilities also offer conveniences like spas and salons, fitness centers, tennis courts, access to a golf course and so much more. Basic household chores, such as cooking, generic housekeeping and laundry are also taken care of. Some of these independent senior living facilities might also offer medical care.

In the current times, the post retirement generation is far more financially secure, evolved and educated than the former ones. They are keyed into the ever-changing ways of the world. Consequently, post retirement dependency on their children is now reduced to a bare minimum. The seniors of today aspire to lead a dignified life without letting their children compromise with their career goals.

A few pros…...

Given below is a list of positives in that have made the luxury independent abodes ever so popular.

  • These are holistic living spaces, well stocked with all amenities. As a rule, independent living spaces are homes that are designed to suit one’s lifestyle. have adequate indoor and outdoor activities, swimming pools, yoga centers, fitness hubs and much more.
  • The extremely secure environment is a big plus. These abodes are equipped with CCTV cameras and security guards, at all times. 
  • We all know that medical emergencies come unannounced. Theses independent living spaces have a round-the-clock emergency support system for the residents. So, there is a doctor, a nurse, an ambulance and appropriate medication for contingencies.
  • Moreover, here, the hassle of living alone and trying to get mundane chores organized, is addressed. All the needs of the residents, related to housekeeping or day-to-day life, are catered to.
  • The great part here is that in these independent living places, interaction with like-minded people is a natural consequence, so loneliness is a distant dream. 

Points to ponder……

But before embarking on this route that leads to independent housing for seniors, there is a pertinent question that needs to be answered- ‘is independent living the right choice?’ The answer more often than not is ‘yes’. Being pragmatic is the way forward. As one gets older, one obviously gets low on the energy quotient. One needs to acknowledge this and accept help, without compromising on one’s independence. 

Responses to the questions given below can also help one to make a decision.

  • How comfortably can you maintain your home?

This can be quite a task after a certain age. The chores and maintenance can be quite a pain. Moreover, with the progression of time, maneuvering steps can be a problem, What then?

  • How safe is your house?

Is the neighborhood you love in safe for the elderly. If not, then how do you deal with the increasing crime rate?

  • Are your family/your children with you 24/7?

If yes…GREAT! If not, how do you plan to deal with all the above concerns?

  • How easy is it to interact with friends?

You know you would need to make the effort to reach out to friends. Otherwise, you are at a risk of sinking into depression due to isolation. Can you deal with that? Yes, the phone and the internet are powerful mediums of communication. But human interaction (face to face) is what everyone craves for. In an independent living space, you can meet and live with like-minded people and not feel lonely.

  • How is your health?

Everyone wants to lead a healthy life. But what if either you or your spouse has a health condition which might worsen with time? In such a situation, senior living spaces are a God send, with medical help available round-the-clock.

Yes, some of these challenges can be addressed by hiring domestic helpers and by making the interiors of your house more conducive to the changing circumstances. But, why spend so much time, money and energy when you can live luxuriously without worrying about anything else.

Moving to a senior living space might be a difficult decision, but is an intelligent one!

One might feel embarrassed or dis-satisfied that he cannot maintain his home. There is a sense of vulnerability or powerlessness. But these emotions are normal and should be dealt with, sans emotions; One’s future and well-being should be the most important.

Que sera sera, what will be…. will be…the future’s not ours to see…. que sera sera….

But one can definitely make it better!