Yes, this is a freehold property.

There are three types of Apartments- Studio, 1 BHK and 2BHK. The price range is as follows:

Studio: Rs. 64 lakhs – Rs. 68 lakhs

1BHK: Rs. 83 lakhs – Rs. 88 lakhs

2BHK: Rs. 1.48 Crore  – Rs. 1.56 Crore

The overall size of the apartment will vary according to the types of apartments.  Super area is as follows:

Studio: 752 sq ft

1 BHK 981 sq ft

2 BHK 1743-1789 sq ft


Yes, housekeeping is available on site. (Different charges for different apartment. Please see chart below.)

Yes, fresh and cooked food will be served on a regular basis. It will be home cooked food, served in our dining facility on the 9th floor. One can opt for a three meal package, but one major meal is compulsory to have. (Please see chart 1)

Yes, the cost for common area maintenance will be calculated based on the actual costs incurred with year to year inflation after 5 years.

Yes, we do have restrictions on that. Only 2 persons can stay in the apartment.

However, their children and relatives can visit them for upto a month.  For longer stays beyond one month, they can make use of the rental studio apartments available on the 9th and 10th floors of the building on a chargeable basis. The services and facilities that they use in the complex will also be on a chargeable basis. However the guests will not be allowed to use the common entertainment areas.

Pets will be allowed in your apartment at the responsibility of the owners but will not be allowed in the common areas.

Punjab National Bank

BSP stands for Basic Sale Price, Other Charges include PLC (Preferential Location Charges), Parking, Utilities, IDC (Internal Development Charges) EDC (External Development Charges) & IFMS (Interest Free Maintenance Security). IDC, EDC & IFMS are described below:


IDC (Internal Development Charges)


Fire fighting equipment

Boundary wall

Retaining wall

Grill gate

Security proofing




EDC (External Development Charges)

Payment to Government agencies for approval and sanctions, payment towards housing for weaker sections and towards welfare of labor.



This whole fund will be returned to the society after completion of the project and free maintenance period of 5 years


Power Connection

Power Back – Up

Intelligent Building System

Water connection

Geo-thermal / solar thermal technology for heating water

Underground / Overhead Water tanks

Pump rooms / STP

Basic medical facilities like, 24×7 availability of nursing staff, doctor on call, physiotherapy, treatment and doctor consultation rooms, infirmary for patient stabilization, caregivers offered at an extra cost for those who need, ambulance, tie up with a multi-specialty hospital nearby.

One of Eden’s key USPs is the fact that the complex is based on the concept of integrative medicine which includes Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Yoga, Mediation, Spiritual Healing, Dietetics, etc. explained in 5 easy steps to Comprehensive Health:

  1. Eden Diagnosis
  2. Eden Integrative Medicine Therapy
  3. Eden Anti ageing & Rejuvenation Therapy
  4. Nutrition Dietetics  
  5. Eden Lifetime Care